Bajra (Pearl Millet) Rava Organic 500gm

Rs. 130.00

Milletamma’s Bajra Millet Rava is rich in fibre and it helps indigestion. As it is gluten free flour, it is a good choice for the people who suffer from celiac...

Bajra Methi Khakhra 180gm

Rs. 125.00

Millet Amma’s Bajra Methi Khakhra- A millet based, savoury cracker, introducing you to Millet Amma’s Bajra Methi Khakhra. Made with Whole Wheat Flour, Bajra Millet, Methi Leaves, Rice Bran Oil...

Barley Grain Organic 500gm

Rs. 65.00

Milletamma’s Barley is good for heart health Barley is used to treat Obesity It helps in regulating the cholesterol level. Specifications: Vegan Gluten-Free Organic Ingredients: Organic Barley Storage: Keep your...

Barnyard Millet Dosa Idli Batter Organic 1kg (Delivering Bangalore Only)

Rs. 200.00

  Millet Amma’s Organic Barnyard Millet Batter- Who doesn’t love Idli and Dosa? Your search for a yummy and healthy dosa and idli batter that contains no rice, is finally...

Barnyard Millet Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 110.00

Millet Amma’s Organic Barnyard Millet Flour- Millet Amma’s Organic Barnyard Millet Flour is a rich source of dietary fibers. Unpolished Barnyard Millets are loaded with iron, zinc and potassium. Barnyard...

Barnyard Millet Grains Organic 500gm

Rs. 85.00

Millet Amma’s Organic Barnyard Millet Grains- Millet Amma’s Organic Barnyard Millet Grains are a rich source of dietary fibers. Sourced with premium unpolished Barnyard Millets, it is a good source...

Basmati Rice Organic 500gm

Rs. 105.00

Milletamma’s’s Basmati rice is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals carbohydrates and fibre. It can be one of the best foods to be added in a diabetic person’s diet because of...

Bay Leaf Dry Organic 100gm

Rs. 100.00

Millet Amma’s Dried Organic Bay Leaf. Millet Amma’s Dried Bay Leaf has an intense fragrance compared to fresh bay leaves. They have a floral and herbal scent reminiscent of oregano...

Bengal Gram Flour / Besan Organic 500gm

Rs. 110.00

Milletamma’sBengal Gram Flour (Besan) is rich in iron and fibre. Adding Milletamma’s Bengal Gram Flour to your diet keeps you energetic all day. It helps in curing digestive problems. It...

Bengal Gram Roasted Organic 250gm

Rs. 75.00

Milletamma’s Bengal Gram Roasted is very low in calories and highly loaded with iron. It is a good energy provider for growing children.  It is an outstanding source of manganese,...

Bengal Gram/Kaala Chana Organic 500gm

Rs. 70.00

Milletamma’s Bengal Gram (Kaala Chana)is rich in iron that helps to prevent anaemia. It contains phytochemicals. So, it serves as antioxidants and prevents cancer.  It is an excellent natural remedy...

Black Pepper Corns Organic 250gm

Rs. 160.00

Milletamma’s Black Pepper Corns have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Flavonoids, Carotenes and Antioxidants that help to protect the body from cancer and other diseases. It works as an antibiotic that...

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