Ajwain Bhakhri (180gm)

Rs. 125.00

Ajwain Bhakhri is rich in proteins, fatty acids and loaded with antioxidants. Ajwain has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ajwain bhakhri is a snack which cleanses your bodies of harmful bacteria...

Ajwain Organic 100gm

Rs. 70.00

Milletamma’s Ajwain helps to relief from acidity and indigestion.  It helps to avoid nasal blockage and treats the common cold. It acts as a strong fungicide and germicide. So, it...

Almond Cashew and Millet Cookies 5 pcs(Delivering Bangalore Only)

Rs. 200.00

Millet Amma Almond Cashew and millet cookies are loaded with antioxidants and minerals enriched with a nutty flavor from almonds and cashews.  The cookies taste like heaven and you will...

Almonds(Badam) Organic 250gm

Rs. 400.00

Milletamma’s Almonds are rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals inside the body and boost the immune system. Almond is good for the heart, as it contains less sodium, no...

Amaranth Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 160.00

Milletamma’s Amaranth flour is rich in protein and fibre. It is loaded with manganese and that helps in proper brain functioning. Amaranth flour is rich in Phosphorus and calcium which...

Amaranth Grain Organic (500gm)

Rs. 150.00

Amaranth is rich in protein and fibre Milletamma amaranth is loaded with manganese that helps in proper brain functioning. Amaranth is rich in Phosphorus that helps in strengthening of bones....

Arugula (Greens) (200gm)

Rs. 300.00

Rocket or Arugula is a fresh, tart, bitter, and peppery leaf that is mainly used in salads. This spicy green has a stronger taste than most greens. Arugula is rich...

Asafoetida (Hing) Organic (50gm)

Rs. 175.00

Milletamma’s Hing (Asafoetida)has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it helps to reduce bloating and other stomach problems.  It has anti-viral and antibiotic effects that help to relieve chest congestion and...

Avocado/ Butter Fruit (1kg)

Rs. 350.00

Avocados are a stone fruit that have a creamy buttery texture. Their mild taste and velvetty mouth-feel makes them a great addition to sweet and savory dishes. Avocados are rich...

Baby Spinach 200gm (Delivering Bangalore Only)

Rs. 250.00

Baby Spinach is a versatile green that has a mild, nutty, bitter flavor. It requires minimum prep, cooks quickly and can even be eaten raw. This green powerhouse is also...

Bajra (Pearl Millet) Organic 500gm

Rs. 50.00

Adding Bajra in your diet helps you in managing your weight. Bajra is rich in vitamin B. Including Bajra in your diet helps in maintaining good heart health. Bajra helps...

Bajra Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 55.00

Milletamma’s Bajra flour is rich in fibre which makes it benign for the digestive system As it is gluten free flour, it is a good choice for the people who...

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