Dry Masala & Spices

Asafoetida (Hing) Organic (50gm)

Rs. 175.00

Milletamma’s Hing (Asafoetida)has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it helps to reduce bloating and other stomach problems.  It has anti-viral and antibiotic effects that help to relieve chest congestion and...

Ajwain Organic 100gm

Rs. 70.00

Milletamma’s Ajwain helps to relief from acidity and indigestion.  It helps to avoid nasal blockage and treats the common cold. It acts as a strong fungicide and germicide. So, it...

Turmeric Powder Organic 250gm

Rs. 100.00

Milletamma’s turmeric contains bioactive compounds that act as an antioxidant. It helps in maintaining the brain function and decreases the chances of brain diseases. Adding Milletamma’s Turmeric Powder to your...

Tamarind Organic 500gm

Rs. 200.00

Milletamma’s Tamarind is a natural tamarind which is good source for magnesium. It contains polyphenols compounds hence it provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to the body. It protects against cancer and...

Star Anise Organic 50gm

Rs. 150.00

Star Anise contains antioxidants which promotes the elimination of free radical from the skin and helps in reducing wrinkles and scars. It supports proper functioning of digestive tract. It enhances...

Red Chilli Whole (Byadgi) Organic 250gm

Rs. 125.00

Byadagi chilli is also known for its deep red colour and is less spicier than Guntur Chili It is used in many food preparations of South India. Specification: Vegan Gluten-Free...

Red Chilli Powder (Byadgi) Organic 250gm

Rs. 150.00

Milletamma’s red chilli powder is red, hot and tantalizing to your taste buds. Byadagi chilli is also known for its deep red colour and is less spicier than Guntur Chili...

Nutmeg (Jaifal) Whole Organic 50gm

Rs. 200.00

Milletamma’s Nutmeg whole is a good source of antioxidants. It strengthens the cognitive function and detoxifies the body. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds called monoterpenes which has anti-inflammatory properties....

Nutmace (Javithri) Whole Organic 25gm

Rs. 150.00

Milletamma’s Nutmace whole is a good source for manganese, zinc and copper. It contains polyphenol compounds which are good antioxidants It protects against cancer and strengthens bones, gums and teeth....

Mustard Seeds Brown Small Organic 250gm

Rs. 65.00

Milletamma’s Mustard seed (Brown Small) are organic and a good source for vitamins and minerals. It reduces the risk of causing cancer by eliminating free radicals. It protects against cancer...

Mustard Seeds Black Big Organic 250gm

Rs. 65.00

Milletamma’s Mustard seeds (black big) are Organic and are a good source for selenium. It contains polyphenol compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It protects against cancer and heart...

Methi Seeds Organic 250gm

Rs. 75.00

Milletamma’s Methi Seeds (Fenugreek)contains protein and nicotinic acid that helps to cure all the hair problems. It helps to get radiant and acne-free skin. It is full of fibre that...

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