Gluten free Flours

Ragi(Finger Millet) Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 65.00

Milletamma’s ragi flour is produced by high quality ragi millet. It is rich in protein. It is good for digestion and helps in weight loss. It is also good for...

Green Moong Dal Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 125.00

Milletamma’s Green Moong Dal Flour is rich in vitamin B9 that helps in producing new red blood cells. It is rich in Folic acid that is important for the pregnant...

Sprouted Ragi (Finger Millet) Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 150.00

Sprouted Ragi Flour Organic is one of the excellent non-dairy sources of calcium that helps you in strengthening of bones. Sprouted Ragi has anti-aging nutrients and including it in your...

Little Millet Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 110.00

Milletamma’s little millet flour is prepared by little millet which is good source of antioxidant and lowers weight loss.  It lowers risk of colon cancer. It controls diabetes and aids...

Brown Rice Flour (Sona Masoori) Organic 500gm

Rs. 60.00

Milletamma’s Brown Rice Flour contains many antioxidants that promote cardiac health by lowering cholesterol levels. It contains manganese and magnesium that promotes bone health. It contains vitamin B that promotes...

Maize (Makkai) Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 65.00

Milletamma’s maize flour is an incredible source of fibre that helps in digestion. It contains certain antioxidants that help you in preventing cancer. It is a rich source of iron...

Buck Wheat Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 210.00

Milletamma’s Buck wheat flour is rich in flavonoids that help in strengthening of blood vessels. It is rich in fibre that helps in preventing digestion problems. It lowers the cholesterol...

Little Millet Rava Organic 500gm

Rs. 150.00

  Millet Amma’s Organic Little Millet Rava- Millet Amma’s Organic Little Millet Rava is made with unpolished Little Millets.   Little millet is rich in minerals like iron, zinc and calcium...

Barnyard Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 110.00

Milletamma’s Barnyard flour is rich in digestible proteins that help you to lose weight and make you feel light and strong. It is a good source of iron that helps...

Gluten Free Premium Mix Flour Organic 1kg

Rs. 350.00

Millet Amma's Premium Gluten-free Mix Flour- The search for the perfect gluten free flour is finally over, introducing to you our Premium Gluten-free Mix Flour. Mixed with Quinoa, Barnyard, Amaranth...

Gluten Free Mix Flour Organic 1kg

Rs. 200.00

Milletamma’s Gluten Free Mixed flour has high fibre and protein content. It is rich in Phosphorus and calcium that helps in strengthening of bones It improves heart health and controls...

Red Rice Flour Organic 500gm

Rs. 70.00

Milletamma’s Red rice flour is rich in iron that helps in promoting red blood cells. It contains fair amount of Zinc that helps in healing of wounds. Milletamma’s Red rice...

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