Today, wheat and rice are the staple food all over the country, but did you know that in ancient India, the staple food was millets?

Did you also know that millets are not just one grain, as most people think, but a variety of grains that can be used in very versatile ways? Not only do they have multiple health benefits, but they are also more environmentally friendly than other grains because they require less water, less fertile soil, and can resist pests naturally. If you’re still not convinced about including millets into your diet, consider these five reasons for why it would be a smart choice:

Low GI:  Millets have a lower Glycemic Index (GI) compared to other carbohydrate-containing foods. Gl, to put it simply, is a measure of how quickly a food causes a rise in blood sugar levels, so it goes without saying that including millets in your diet could help ward off diabetes and help control it as well.

Low Glycemic Index


Gluten-free: Millets are naturally gluten-free, so if you or a loved one is intolerant to gluten, this could be the answer to all your diet woes. Including millets in the diet can help give relief to the gastrointestinal symptoms that being gluten-intolerant can cause. Because millets can be prepared in a variety of ways, this means that gluten-intolerant people can have foods they enjoy even without the gluten! 

          Gluten free










 Promotes millet for weight loss weight loss or maintenance : If you are looking to manage your weight, substituting your regular serving of rice or wheat-based meals with a millet-based one can really help you achieve sustainable weight loss in a healthy way without compromising on taste. you can use millets for weight loss Because millets come in different varieties, you never have to get bored with the same food every day if you are on a Millet for weight loss diet. You can continue being a foodie while losing weight!

Helps in weight loss


Improves gut health and mental health: Gut health is the state of your digestive system, one of the most important systems in the body. The health of your gut can impact your mental health and productivity as well because who can function well when battling with problems like constipation, bloating, flatulence, etc.? Millets helps smoothen your digestive functions with multiple benefits. The nutrients you take in through food can be better absorbed into your body, thereby increasing your immunity. When your digestive system runs smoothly, you sleep better at night and wake up feeling fresher, thereby enhancing your mood and mental health, which in turn improves your relationships and increases your work productivity.

Improves Gut health


Keeps your heart healthy: Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations in the world today. The essential fats that millets contain is just the right amount of natural fat that our body needs, which means that when you include more of millets in your diet, you will avoid the excess fat that accumulates through other foods. This helps to prevent high cholesterol levels and blockages in the arteries, keeping your heart functioning at its optimal level.

Healthy Heart

Millets are so rich in all the vital nutrients, minerals, and proteins that you need for a well-functioning mind and body that including it in your daily diet is one of the best decisions you can take for your health and that of your loved ones. With so many varieties of millets that can be used as whole grains or flour, you will never miss your rice, rotis, dosa, idli, pizzas, upmas, porridge, kichdis, pongal or pulaos because millets can be used to cook all of these and more of your favourite dishes. 

That’s why we say that millets help you stay healthy while eating tasty!

Millets have low calorie content. 1 bowl (242g) of Millet rice only contains 186 calories. So, it is great miller for weight loss.

Types of millets for weight loss

  1. Ragi or Finger Millet
  2. Jowar or Sorghum
  3. Bajra or Pearl Millet
  4. Rajgira or Amaranth
  5. Kangni or Foxtail millet

Grab your favorite millet for weight loss today.